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Metal CX - First lap (Day One)

On Tap: Green Acres (CRY Event #2)

This weekend promises to be amazing! Green Acres always puts on a hell of a show.

For 2013, the flyover is back, the stairs are back, the loose run-up is back, and of course, The Hill is back. 

Green Acres does an awesome job at making the race into more than a race, and into An Event. Food trucks, and a raffle, and much more.

As the new 2013 CRY schedule and format would suggest, this is absolutely a do-not-miss weekend of racing!

[You can read MNCX’s Green Acres course preview from last season, HERE].

Most recent #SVENNESS video, from CXHairs. Watch them all for great tips!

On Tap: Baker Orchard and ShamrocksCX

Baker Orchard is coming up on Saturday and is always worth the drive! Read our preview HERE!

Sunday holds more great MNCX racing via ShamrocksCX at the Dakota Tech grounds, read our take HERE.

MNCX is strong!

MNCX Pre-reg links!

Now that Metal Cross started us off with a BANG, see you at the rest of the races! MNCX is strong!

Baker Orchard:


Green Acres (CRY):

Donkey CX:

VeloCX (CRY):

Jackson Meadow:

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Metal Cross - Two new courses

MNCX was back in Clear Water this week to check out the final versions of the two distinct courses that will be offered for the first CRY weekend of the season here in MN.

Color us impressed!

Metal CX has put together a truly fantastic course. With a new venue closer to the cities, and a slew of new terrain available, Metal CX may very well be the new number one cross course in the state. No kidding.
We hope you’ve got your cross skills up to snuff, because this course has everything but the kitchen sink. A worthy CRY weekend, and a stellar season opener without doubt. A great mix of grass, pavement, gravel, dirt, and sand.

Our best advice, having ridden both courses: bring your skills, take off your bottle cages, and leave the file treads at home.

Watch out Basset Creek, the newcomers are challenging for the Best Course title!

Do not miss it!